With their heavy-duty design, rugged stainless steel frame and protective seals, Torbal washdown scales are made to withstand even the most hazardous conditions. However, even though it’s a tough, industrial-strength piece of equipment, you should still treat your washdown scale with care. Be sure to provide adequate training for anyone who will be using these precision instruments.

Your owners manual will provide specific information about the use and care of your scale. But here are a few basics to keep in mind:

Choose an appropriate location for the scale. 
The correct location and proper environment will have a positive impact on the scale’s accuracy. The optimum location for your scale is in a level spot that will provide a stable base with no vibration. Keep the scale out of direct sunlight and avoid any drastic variations in temperature or direct drafts. It’s best to avoid locations near doors, windows, radiators and air conditioner vents.

Never submerge the scale.
Just because you can wash it down doesn’t mean you can throw it in a bathtub. Also, keep in mind that the AC adapter is not waterproof and you absolutely need to avoid spraying water on the power supply. Covering the adapter with plastic is not enough to protect it and could cause damage or electric shock. To completely protect the AC adapter from the washdown process, the power cord should go into a dry room or waterproof electrical box. If you have any doubts whatsoever, consult a licensed electrician.

Never attempt to repair, disassemble or modify the scale yourself.
Doing this could result in damage to the scale or, even worse, damage to yourself. If the scale is not operating properly, unplug the power supply and discontinue use of the scale until it is checked out by authorized personnel.
For more information about washdown scales or to find the right one for your needs, contact us.