Scales are mostly about processing different types of weight and over the years many scales have been created for alternative uses. Laboratory scales have specific uses for chemists and druggists. Most of these balances are seen in food research or pharmaceutical labs. They are also other forms of these scales such as moisture analyzers, prescription balances, and analytical balances. In a chemistry lab, the use of these scale is for handling dangerous substances and weighing them in small containers. Larger industries may have a floor version of this scale used for weighing manufactured products quickly and efficiently.
The difference between lab scales and say, a bathroom scale or kitchen scale is that they are used for precision weighing. At Torbal, we carry high quality laboratory scales for your research business. The precision series has a clear LCD display, simple 6 key control panel, and 9 easy to use weighing units. The usual capacity ranges from 50 to 500g but other scales can go up to 1000 to 3000g. If you’re looking for something stronger, the precision advanced series is perfect for your research lab.

The AG Professional is internally calibrated, weighing anything with utmost accuracy. Although it may look difficult to use, it’s completely user friendly with 12 advanced options. Precision scales can be compared to a super computer with their incredible measuring tools for scientific research. This differs greatly from commercially used or industrial scales. If you’re looking for analytical balances, moisture analyzers, high capacity scales or state of the art lab scales, contact us.