The accurate determination of moisture content in materials is an essential aspect of quality control in many industries such as construction, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and agriculture. One of the industries that must measure moisture precisely is the flour industry. At every step, starting with the wheat kernel to the finished loaf of bread, precise moisture measurements must be taken to comply with industry and U.S. federal standards.

The USDA specifies that flour must not exceed 14% in moisture. To conform with this standard, a miller must determine the moisture content of each shipment of wheat before milling. As these may very widely, adjustments will need to be made to standardize the moisture level before the milling process is begun. Moisture is also crucial for grain storage as a high level can provide the ideal environment for mold, bacteria and pests. This can lead to spoilage and consequent losses in profitability.

Once milled, the flour that is sold to bakeries and other end-users must once again be measured for acceptable standards of moisture content as this is essential to ensure the quality of the finished baked products.

Whether you are in the business of growing and selling wheat, milling flour or running a bakery, a high quality and dependable moisture analyzer will play a key role in your operations. Typically, a moisture analyzer works by taking the initial weight of a sample, and then subjecting it to heat. During this phase of the process, weight measurements continue to be taken periodically. When the measurements become constant, it signals the end of the heating process and the completion of evaporation. The final and initial weight measurements are then compared to determine moisture content.

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