Moisture analyzers help researches determine the amount of moisture within a product. They accomplish this by measuring the weight of a product once is has completely dried over a certain period of time. This measurement is called, LOD. The LOD helps researchers solve a variety of issues from product durability to shelf life. These analyzers dry products using microwaves or infrared heaters mounted on top of the scale.

Without moisture analysis, many industries would not be able to regulate society's most valuable products. From the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry, moisture analyzers play a significant part in determining an item quality and efficiency of use.

For the pharmaceutical industry, the information gathered from moisture analysis helps researchers determine the flow rate of fluids and the chemical reactions of combined substances. These determinations help manufacturers alter and adapt products for optimum performance.  

As a quality control tool, moisture analyzers can help researchers determine if manufacturing equipment is working within spec. For instance, industrial dryers are used to dry products out to a certain moisture level before packaging. During the process, the manufacturer sends a bulk of product that has passed through the dryers for moisture analysis. The readings obtained can help the manufacturer determine if the dryers are maintaining the product's specified moisture levels or if they are in need of adjustment.

If dryness levels are not constantly audited, product quality would plummet. Mold, mildew, or product breakdown could result; angering or even harming the unassuming consumer.

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