Precision scales have evolved tremendously over the last, few years.  Having progressed from typical analog scales, precision scales have been adapted to incorporate a streamlined digital technology and can now be connected directly to computers for easy record keeping.  In addition, the functionality has been improved and can easily be integrated into any laboratory or industrial environment.  With this evolving technology, many precision scales now incorporate USB technology, which can be used to connect external keyboards, printers and scanners to rapidly facilitate text and value input and, thus, make record keeping simpler.

     Though the primary function of precision scales is weighing, Torbal scales have been adapted to perform a multitude of other functions making their functionality more flexible.  Software, such as Procel, operates as a link between your third party software applications and the Torbal scales.  This allows more compatibility and integration with your third party software.  The Stat software allows you to perform common statistical calculation totals, whether manually or automatically, with all of your weight measurements.  This increases productivity by ensuring a great degree of accuracy.  Finally, the Torbal Communications software is an application that transfers data two your PC or laptop in two different view mod es.  One mode shows the transfer in view mode and the other allows you to record all of the transferred data from your scale to your PC. 

     You need physical records printed accurately for all of your weighing and measurement needs.  The Thermal Printer TP1 provides you with a quick and easy printout of all your data results.  In addition, the Thermal Printer TP1 provides you with the date, time, model number, unit ID number and project number for simple record keeping and cataloging.  With a very fast printing speed of 0.8 lines per second, the Thermal Printer TP1 is also very easily configured to your specific specifications using both self-test and diagnostics features.

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