Science and technology have advanced rapidly in recent years, yet the U.S. is already experiencing a shortage of qualified workers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) careers. While we enjoy the benefits of these advances, it seems not enough of us want to go into the related fields. This is creating some concern on the part of educators and policy makers across the country. If our schools don’t place more emphasis on STEM, who will fill these jobs and become the innovators of the future?

As this article points out, President Obama even mentioned the importance of STEM education and careers in February’s State of the Union Address. And at the state level, many new STEM education networks and councils have been launched over the last few years. These organizations are looking at tangible solutions like creating new programs and schools that focus on STEM, providing grants for various projects, and building regional "hubs" that focus specifically on the needs of the local community.

As schools begin to address the importance of STEM education and develop new science and technology programs, many of them are recognizing the need for new and up-to-date equipment. High-quality school scales for a new STEM lab can make learning more intriguing and enjoyable for students.

Our selection of laboratory balances include many advanced yet user-friendly features, making them perfect for use in the classroom. Our Precision Series is a good place to start. With rugged die-cast metal housing, high quality electromagnetic load-cell and a spill proof sealed front panel, these balances can stand up to some rough handling while providing accurate measurements.

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