With our economy not improving much, people are looking for quick, extra cash and selling old jewelry seems to fit the bill. "Gold Parties" are beginning to be the new popular trend. In perspective, a Gold Party for this instance is a gold jewelry selling party hosted at an individual's house.


Jewelers are beginning to branch out and seek individuals who are interested in hosting a Gold Party in their homes. Some may say that this is an easy side business. The idea of buying jewelry from a room full of eager guests wanting to sell their old jewelry seems so convenient.


By using jewelry scales, buyers can carefully examine for authenticity and weigh jewelry items by karats to determine the sale value. Buyers can make about 30% in returns for each jewelry item that they purchase. The party hosts can usually collect 10% from the total cash amount in sales at the end of their event. Guests, who have graciously accepted to attend your gold, silver, or diamond party whichever you prefer, will walk away happily with extra money in their pockets for selling some of their old jewelry that was sitting around for years. Everyone is satisfied!


Whether you are hosting your own Gold Party or you are an independent jeweler wanting to buy directly from your customers, you will definitely need precise jewelry scales to ensure proper value and assessment. Please note that these scales are required by law to be NTEP certified and legal for trade. Fines and equipment confiscation can result if you do not abide by this law.


To find out more information and make this side business a true success, please contact us today!