For users with the most stringent requirements for accurate measurements, Torbal scales and balances are among the top possible choices for both price and quality. In spite of seeking the highest quality balances for accurate measurements, some end users invariably make the mistake of placing the balance in an area that will cause inaccurate measurements. Just as important as purchasing a high-quality analytical balance and alongside the importance of using it correctly, it's important to give some thought to the exact placement of the balance within a room. Placement of an analytical balance can make a huge difference between milligram-accurate measurements and large error margins.


One of the most common causes of placement-driven errors in analytical balances is use of the balance near air drafts. Whether that draft is coming from a door that is often opening and closing, a window letting in a light breeze, or even storage inside or near a fume hood, any air draft can cause inaccurate measurements, even during the weight taring process. If the balance must be used in a somewhat drafty area, always close the glass doors on the balance before taring or weighing anything.


Our Torbal balances come equipped with a leveling bubble to ensure that when the balance is used, it will be completely level. Stability is also key to accurate measurements because vibrations can change readings by causing the sample or substance being weighed to bounce just slightly. If you plan to use your analytical balance in an area that has some vibrations, consider using the balance on an air table or on a stabilizing marble slab to prevent minor movements in the balance while it's in use.


Keeping an analytical balance clean might be obvious, but the importance of it might not be. More than just keeping the stage free from substances that could be hazardous, keeping an analytical balance clean prevents powders or liquids from intercalating within the gears of the stage, preventing smooth movements.

Temperature and evaporation

Many people define "room temperature" differently, but while making accurate measurements, keep in mind that temperature changes can also cause weight changes because moisture in the air can evaporate away or be attracted to hydrophilic substances. Keeping reagents cooler will help prevent these small weight changes during measurements.

We understand how important it is to make accurate weight measurements. That's why we offer Torbal Analytical balances -- because these analytical balances offer the highest quality available in terms of accurate weighing. For further help or information on the best practices for use of analytical balances, contact us.