We humans are not the only creatures on this Earth struggling with weight gain. Obesity is a rapidly growing problem for our domestic pets, particularly in cats and dogs. Much of this stems from the food we give them.

Many of us have been raised with the thought that food is love. Our mothers showed us love by feeding us great meals. So, naturally, we want to share our love with our pets by feeding them treats and people food. Our loving gesture may be doing more harm than good. Pets who live a sedentary lifestyle consume more calories than they burn which packs on the pounds.

The result is an unhealthy pet. Overweight pets can develop numerous problems such as pancreatitis, heart problems, high blood pressure and orthopedic problems. Some breeds like Dachshunds, Golden Retrievers, and Saint Bernards are prone to weight gain so their food intake should be watched carefully. However, that doesn’t mean you should over feed a breed that tends to be slimmer, like Greyhounds and Yorkshire Terriers. They can gain weight too.

Like us, our pets will benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Use portion control when feeding. Don’t give into begging. Check with your vet on recommended diet food. Exercise your pets. Walk your dog. Play with your cat. Make sure your pets are moving and move with them.

If your pet is still not losing weight or is gaining more weight, there may be a medical problem such as low thyroid level or hormonal imbalances. Don’t second guess it. Take your pet to the vet.

You can monitor your pet’s weight by a simple exam. If you can’t feel the ribcage, your pet is overweight. Actually weighing your pet is far more accurate. Torbal scales have been around for 100 years. We are experts at weighing. We offer several different scales for animal weighing, from high capacity bench scales to our rugged stainless steel platform floor scale.

 Platform floor scales are ideal for large breeds of dogs while bench scales work well for weighing small dogs and cats. Your vet most likely has our scales at the clinic. Contact us to view all the scales we offer to weigh your pets and keep them healthy.