Force Gauges are compact measuring instruments that are used across a vast array of industries and laboratory environments. A force gauge is used to measure the force during a push or pull test.
In a digital force gauge, the load cell, or force sensor, flexes as force is exerted on it. As it flexes, the device measures this strain as a voltage output. The greater the force, the greater the strain and the greater the voltage output. The voltage is converted into a force value that is shown on the force gauge display.

While force gauges can handle significant amounts of force, they can also be used in sophisticated laboratory applications requiring great precision. Because they need to be able to perform in a variety of environments and conditions, the housing on a force gauge should be sturdy and high-quality.

Our Torbal force gauges are constructed with a rugged and durable design, making them ideal for high capacity force testing. The precision force gauges from the FA series can perform compression and tension force measurements as well as peak and peel testing.

The FA50, 200, & 500 have internal load-cells and can be used as handhelds. When necessary, these internal load-cell gauges can also be fixed to a test stand. The higher capacity force gauges have external load cells that can measure greater forces while still retaining low resolutions.

All of our Torbal FA series force gauges have a unique ergonomic design and come with a USB interface port and LCD display. They can also store up to 6,400 samples in the internal memory and show statistics for these measurements.
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