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Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our scales and balances. If you do not see a question you may have about your precision scale, please contact customer service by calling 1-866-473-6900.
1. Will a standard RS-232 Cable work with your Balances?

No, the cable wiring is specific for Torbal scales and balances. You will require a Torbal RS-232 Cable which can be found at the accessories page. The RS-232 wiring diagram is shown in the User’s manual.

2. Can I extend the RS-232 Cable?

Yes, however, the distance you can extend it is a function of the selected Baud Rate (the lower the rate the longer the distance) and the electrical noise in your environment.

3. How do I get a replacement User’s Manual?

All instruction manuals and quick reference guides are available for download on the downloads page. If you are unable to locate your scales or balance please contact customer service.

4. How often should I calibrate my balance?

The need for Calibration is a function of several factors; the temperature of the environment is important and if the temperature has changed by more than 2 degrees C and you are making high accuracy measurements the scale should be recalibrated, if more than 6 hours of scale usage has elapsed since your last calibration for optimal accuracy we recommend that you calibrate the balance. Our Auto-calibrating balances take care of these chores automatically and allow you to select the values for the parameters (temperature change and time from last calibration).

5. My Quick Reference Guides are lost, how do I get replacements?

All quick reference guides are available for download on the Downloads page. If you are unable to locate your scales or balance please contact customer service at 1-866-473-6900.

6. What is the difference between Animal Weighing and Dynamic Weighing?

They both refer to weighing moving objects that require averaging many weight readings to get an accurate weight reading. In one case the object being weighed is alive and may move during weighing, in the other an inanimate object may be rolling around the weigh pan. The difference is in what is being weighed, not in how it is weighed.

7. Do you offer balances that use Strain Gauge elements for weighing?

No, we sell only higher accuracy electromagnetic load cell balances and scales.

8. Do I need to level my balance before every weighing?

No, but your balance needs to be level for maximum accuracy for every weighing. If you select a stable platform for your weighing and you do not move the balance around on the platform, you need only level the balance once. Almost all of our scales and balances use a tripod stance (3 legs) for maximum stability (not 4 legs which can produce rocking). We use a fixed leg and 2 adjustable legs, and provide a sensitive bubble type level for finding the optimum level position.

9. What is Animal Weighing versus Dynamics Weighing?

Both deal with a weight that is moving. They are different terms for the same thing – many weight readings are averaged to produce a final weight for the object being weighed.

10. Do I need to level my balance before every weighing?

No, but it is necessary that the balance be leveled for weighings. Generally, you only level it once for a single location.

11. Are the metal housings on your units chemical resistant?

Yes, we use a powder coating which is extremely resistant to attack.

12. Is it easy to use your balances?

Yes, the entire control system is intuitive. We provide Quick Reference Guides and function set-ups are usually accomplished in with a Wizard-type format.

13. Can I connect the balance to a computer?

Yes, we offer the software that allows you to transfer data directly from the balance to a computer.

14. Does your Internal Calibration Scale work with a fixed weight or just software?

It uses a highly stable stainless steel weight which is precisely calibrated.

15. Is shipping always free on all of your balances?

We often have free shipping promotions. You should check the special offers page when ordering your scale.

16. How do I get a GSA discount?

You can buy through GSA only if you are a Federal or State Institution, or if you are funded by the government and approved to buy through GSA. Torbal is an approved GSA vendor and our products are in the GSA catalog.

17. Will I get the same pricing and promotions as seen on the website if I order by telephone?

The pricing will remain the same but you should check and see if a promotion is website-only.

18. Do I need a calibration weight equal to full scale capacity to calibrate your balance?

Legal For Trade balances require full capacity calibration weights. All other balances may be calibrated with specified fractional capacity weights. For example, a 300 gram capacity scale can be calibrated using a 100 gram, 200 gram or 300 gram calibration weight. Higher weight produces more accurate calibration. Torbal Balances with Automatic Internal Calibration do no require an external weight for calibration.

19. Can we get a larger discount if we order more than five balances?

Yes, but you must request a quotation from one of our customer service representatives.

20. Do you ship your balances internationally?

Yes we do ship outside of the U.S.A., but all international orders must be paid for with a major credit card via telephone. Contact us at (973) 473-6900 for full details.

21. Can I buy on NET terms?

Companies, institutions and organizations can buy on NET terms. Please call our customer service department to apply for NET credit.