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All laser scanners are recommended for use with the AG and AGN Precision Professional Series and Analytical balances. The scanner optimizes the functionality of the AG/N functions such as parts counting, percent weighing, or check weighing. Every scanner has been tested for compatibility with the AG/N series and it is fully supported by our technical staff.

  1. Laser Barcode Scanner LS1

    Laser Barcode Scanner LS1

    Our price: $179.99

    The Metrologic Voyager is a high performance, top of the line laser barcode scanner that optimizes the functionality of the AG and AGN professional series. The scanner is fast, accurate, and easy to use. The scanners CodeGate feature makes the unit ideal for inventory processing and integration with the AG and AGN professional series. Learn More
  2. Laser Barcode Scanner LS2

    Laser Barcode Scanner LS2

    Our price: $149.99

    The LS2 is compact, functional, and economical. It is easily integrated with the AG Professional series via the PS2 keyboard wedge. The scanner scans up to 100 scans per second with a reading width of up to 10 centimeters. Learn More
  3. Laser Barcode Scanner LS3

    Laser Barcode Scanner LS3

    Our price: $249.99

    The LS3 is a high performance omni directional laser scanner that offers powerful decoding ability. The scanner is ideal for interfacing with the AG Professional Series in applications that require fast and frequent scanning. The LS3 has a small footprint; therefore, it saves valuable counter space and helps operators to carry out transactions with ease. Learn More


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