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Videos - scales and balances

Torbal Custom is a unique service that we now offer to help fill the very specific needs of our customers. This video shows the many applications that we can configure our scales to work around. Whether your looking to have all of your current scales communicate with each other or need to customize a new product, Torbal Custom is the right fit for you.

A brief introduction to the Torbal FA force gauge. See just how rugged and ergonomic the internal load cell models truly are. These gauges are supplied with 5 tip attachments for seamless force testing. Just as with all Torbal products, the FA series sets the mark for intuitiveness and excellence!

Learn about Torbal scales, as well as our functions and features offered with every precision balance. Find out why Torbal is the right choice for your weighing needs, and get know our goals, as well as our commitment to provide the highest customer service and support.

This is a short overview of the Torbal AGN analytical Scale. In the video you will see the weighing performance of the AGN analytical balance. You will also get a glimpse of its menus, features, and high quality. The video is shows how easy and intuitive the scale is while in use.

The AGC/N advanced series includes self calibration in sophisticated line of Analytical Balances and Precision Scales. The state-of-the-art automatic internal calibration mechanism keeps the balance calibrated at all times, thereby providing optimum weighing accuracy. These Analytical scales and precision balances will automatically calibrate itself at startup, at preset time intervals or whenever required by temperature changes. With a resolution of 0.1 milligram (0.0001g) the AGCN series offers a line of analytical balances that can be used in any laboratory weighing application.

Learn about all the features and functions that come with the TORBAL AGS Moisture Analyzer. View close-ups of the Halogen lamp drying oven the robust die-cast metal housing and multiple analysis modes.

The AG professional series includes sophisticated laboratory scales and analytical balances intended for advanced weighing applications. The state-of-the-art automatic internal calibration mechanism keeps the scale calibrated at all times, thereby providing optimum weighing accuracy. High resolution and 12 advanced weighing functions including SQC Process Control and real time statistical analysis make this scale the ultimate weighing solution. Scales are equipped with memory which allows transaction and data storage of reference weights and sample sizes. Despite its sophisticated design, the scales LCD graphical display and onscreen instructions make the scale very user-friendly.

The AD precision series scales are ideal for applications that require high precision weighing. The AD Laboratory scales with a resolution of 1 miligram (0.001) and capacity ranging from 50g to 500g the series, offers a complete line of scales that can be used in any precision weighing laboratory scales and balances ranging from 1000g to 3000g with a resolution of 10 miligrams. All scales and balances have nine weighing units and seven weighing functions. All Torbal laboratory scales operate with high quality electromagnetic load cells.

View the entire Torbal line of Precision Scales, Analytical balances and Moisture Analyzers in a 90 sec. overview. Learn about our main attributes and find out why your next scales must be a TORBAL.