Free Shipping on all Laboratory Scales and Balances

Platform Scales

Starting at $424

Rugged and robust heavy-duty balances

Resolution 0.002lbs to 0.2lbs, Capacity 6lbs to 600lbs.

Washdown Scales

Starting at $1,154

IP68/65 rated and designed for the most severe conditions

Resolution 0.01lbs to 0.2lbs, Capacity 30lbs to 600lbs.

Crane Scales

Starting at $519

Hanging digital crane and hook scale with large LCD

Resolution 0.01lbs to 0.1lbs, Capacity 30lbs to 300lbs.

Bench and Multipurpose Balances

Starting at $349

Precision for high-capacity general weighing

Resolution 0.00005lbs to 0.01lbfs, Capacity 0.44lbs to 30lbs.