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Force Manager

The Force Manager configuration tool simplifies the setup of test stand modes and profiles on your PC. It offers a user-friendly interface for quick and precise customization. You can create, edit, and manage test mode profiles with ease. Download, edit, and upload profiles effortlessly, making your equipment ready for testing. It's designed for both novice and experienced users.

Torbal Connect

Torbal Connect allows you to auto connect your Torbal scale or balance via USB or Ethernet cable to bridge communication with your PC. This enables advanced data analysis, enhanced visualization, and full control to users.


Serves as a link between Torbal scales and third party software applications. When in use, it will transfer weighing data into any data field of a desired application.


The STAT software is designed to function with all Torbal precision, industrial and laboratory scales. The software collects weighing results and performs all commonly used statistical calculations. Stat allows you to obtain results from the scale manually or automatically.


Pro Mass is designed to allow Torbal AGS moisture analyzers to easily transfer data to a PC or a laptop. The software allows you to manage data received from the analyzer. The software creates a detailed graph showing the drying in progress.

Torbal Communications is a simple, but very useful application that allows Torbal scales and balances to connect and transfer data to a windows PC. The software operates in two different view modes. The display mode shows weighing data in real time while transmitting results continuously. The window mode records data as it is transferred from the scale to the PC.

Torbal FM

Torbal FM allows for statistical data to be viewed in real time by connecting a force gauge to a PC.  Data that is newly recorded or uploaded from a file can be easily graphed and printed for analysis.  Torbal FM software also makes it possible for a Torbal force gauge to be controlled externally through a computer.