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AGN Pro Analytical Scale

Analytical and Always Perfectly Balanced



Equipped with all the essentials

Automatic Internal Calibration

Equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic internal calibration mechanism. The mechanism uses a high accuracy calibration weight to calibrate the scale whenever a pre-set time, or temperature change initiates the process. Configuring Automatic Internal Calibration is fast and easy. In addition to having the scale calibrate automatically, calibration may be initiated at any time by the stroke of a single key. This feature is extremely important in applications which require consistently high accuracy under conditions which may allow undetected temperature changes or long periods between calibrations to affect scale accuracy. The feature is very valuable in those instances where several users share a common scale, and the calibration record can become confusing.

Unobstructed View Weighing Chamber

Three-way easy access and equipped with advanced anti-drift technology designed to always deliver stable weighing measurements.

Large Graphical LCD with Backlight

The AGN Series is equipped with a large 5" x 3" backlit graphical LCD display, which allows the scale to display onscreen instructions and graphics. This makes the PRO Series intuitive, user friendly, and easy to use.

Accurate and Easy to Use Leveling System

Leveling an AGN scale is fast, accurate, and easy. Most AGN scales use a tripod support system which consists of two adjustable legs and one fixed leg. The level sensor is a bubble type of spirit level that is omni directional. The system makes adjustment easy and very intuitive.

Robust Die-cast Metal Housing Base

The AGN Series is fabricated with a rugged die cast metal housing. This makes it ideal for protecting the apparatus in tough environments. The housing provides a stable weigh platform and protects the scales highly precise and delicate components. Our robust design guarantees durability and long operating life.

Used Capacity Indicator

AGN scales are equipped with a used-capacity-indicator which shows the amount of the scale's capacity used during weighing. It allows the user to avoid exceeding the maximum capacity of the scale. The indicator is particularly useful in functions such as "Totalizing" or "Compounding" where large amounts of tares are likely to be taken. In addition, AGN scales have a filling indicator which is activated in the "Compounding" mode. This digital analog of an in-line meter has greatly increased sensitivity as the cutoff point is approached when filling to a preset weight. This unique feature makes compounding a much faster operation.

20 Key Sealed Front Panel

All TORBAL digital scales have a sealed front panel which protects the keys and the LCD display from dust and accidental spills. With 20 logically grouped keys, the panel is simple, concise, and intuitive. In addition, there are numeric keys (0-9), navigation keys, and dual (R-L) Tare keys. All keys are soft, have audible feedback, and are very responsive, which makes user interaction easy and fast. A PS-2 connector on the rear of the scale allows the user with applications which require many alpha-numeric entries to use an external PC type keyboard for data entry.

GLP and Data Printing

This feature allows the user to print a record of a performed transaction. The printed record indicates GLP data which including the Model Number, Unit ID, User ID and a Project Number. In addition to the weighing result the receipt also contains information associated with the function in use such as, average weight time, average piece weights, reference weights, and weight limits.

Scanner Compatibility

A Barcode Scanner can be used to quickly recall samples or limit sets from the scale's database. This feature is particularly useful in features such as Parts Counting or Percent weighing, where an average piece weight or a reference weight is required to carry out the transaction. To connect the barcode scanner to the scale, use a PS/2 Keyboard Wedge Y-Cable Connector.

RS232 Interface Port

A standard RS232 Port is furnished with each balance. It can be used for connecting the balance with a printer or a computer. A standard RS232 communications protocol is used to send data from the scale. Data transfer can be sent automatically when a stable result is obtained, or by sending a SEND command from the computer. Under the control of TORBAL™ Communication Software, data may be exported to standard word processing and spreadsheet programs.

PS2 - External Keyboard Connection

A standard PS-2 keyboard connector on the rear of the unit allows the user to use a low-cost standard PC type keyboard for external alpha-numeric data entry. For those applications which require rigid test parameter recording this capability can save the user a great deal of time (and pain).

USB Port

Every AGN scale can be connected to a PC with a Standard A/B USB cable. The USB makes interfacing with a computer fast and easy. The ports bi-directional data flow allows the scale to be controlled from the PC.

RJ45 - Network Connection Port* (optional)

This optional feature allows the scale to be networked into Laboratory Management Systems, or any other Ethernet based programs. These systems or programs require very specific structures for the bidirectional data transfers and may require some customization of the internal program in the AG scale. Please contact us for additional information regarding this feature.


More than just weighing


The scale's basic weighing function is fast, accurate and easy to use. Basic weighing operates with nine weighing units, and the function is equipped with all essential features such as the Initial Zero as well as the Automatic Zero Setting Mechanisms. The NET indicator lets the user identify that a Tare has been taken while the capacity indicator assists the user in performing weighing operations. Printed weighing results include GLP data as well as the date and time.

Parts Counting

The AGN Series incorporates one of the most versatile parts counting features available. Onscreen instructions, manual and automatic operating modes make parts counting fast intuitive and accurate. When set to automatic the feature allows the user to create a database of average piece weights which are associated with parts. This minimizes an average pill counting transaction essentially to three simple steps. When using a store average piece weight, the user simply selects the sample, tares the container, and counts the parts. Each average piece weight can be assigned with a unique name or a numeric barcode. The database allows you to store 100 entries which include the name of the sample and the average piece weight. When set to automatic parts counting operates in the form of a short wizard that allows the user to establish an average piece weight before each count without storing APW into a database.

Animal Weighing

Performing dynamic weighing on the AGN series scales is fast and easy. The animal weighing function operates in three different modes "AUTOMATIC, SEMI-AUTOMATIC, and MANUAL." The user is allowed to select a pre-programmed time interval or enter any desired time as it may be required by the application. Whenever performing animal weighing the time is clearly displayed on the scale's LCD. The display also shows onscreen instructions throughout the entire function.

Check Weighing

Performing check weighing on the AGN could not be easier. 100 limit sets can be quickly assigned and recalled from the database by using the scale's numeric keypad. Each limit set can be assigned with a unique name or a numeric barcode. A weight can be quickly compared against any limit set stored in the database without restarting the transaction. In addition to displaying the weight of the object and the "ACCEPT, UNDER, OVER" Command the display indicates the difference from the target mass in percent.

Display Hold

This function is ideal for user's looking to lock weighing results on the display after weighing. The result remains locked on the display until it is cleared or removed from the pan. This function works in three operating modes "AUOTMATIC, SEMI-AUTOMATIC, AND MANUAL" which provide the user with great flexibility in using the function.

Percent Weighing

AGN Series percent weighing function allows the user to quickly establish the relative weight of an unknown compared to a stored reference weight and expressed as a percentage. The function allows to store 100 reference weights each weight can be assigned with a unique name or a barcode. While performing percent weighing the display shows the difference between the mass and the reference in percent, as well as in grams.


The totalizing function is ideal for summation of sequential items. The function operates in two modes (MANUAL and AUTOMATIC) and displays onscreen instructions throughout the entire function. A running total can be quickly and easily viewed at any time. When viewing the totalizing report the display shows an itemized list of added weights as well as the total sum. The report can be quickly printed or transferred to a computer for further analysis.

Check Counting

Check counting allows the user to verify whether a parts counting result falls within desired limits. Just like parts counting, this function allows the user to store 100 limit sets into the scale's database. Each limit can be assigned with a unique name. The scale's graphical LCD display shows an "ACCEPT, OVER, or UNDER," result as soon as the count is finished. A parts counting result can be quickly compared against a different limit set without the need of removing the parts or restarting the transaction.


The compounding function has been specifically designed for recipe making and compound mixtures. This function includes features such as ingredient labeling, and a remaining to fill display which allow the user to name each ingredient and set a target weight. Combined with an onscreen nonlinear filling meter, these features allow the user to weigh ingredients with great precision and avoid unnecessary over filling. In addition, compounded recipes can be printed. The report lists in order the name and weight of each ingredient, as well as a total weight of the recipes. This feature is designed in the form of a short wizard that displays onscreen instructions to lead the user step by step through the simple operation.

SQC Quality Control

The SQC function allows the user to set acceptable and not acceptable limits of products or articles. The function allows to store 100 of these limit sets in the scale's database. After weighing a number of preset samples in a particular batch, the scale displays a trend analysis which shows where the samples fail in relation to the set limits. In addition, the user is provided with statistical data which indicates the standard and relative deviation as well as the MEAN, MIN, and MAX of the samples.


The filtering function allows the user to perform weighing in an environment where the scale may be exposed to drafts, frequent air movements, or vibrations. Lower Modes compensate for small disturbance and high modes compensate large disturbances.

Units of Measurement

Units of Measurement

Grams (g)
Kilogram (kg)
Milligram (mg)
Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz)
Ounce Troy (ozt)
Grain (gr)
Carat (ct)
Penny Weight (pwt)

Torbal Connect


The auto-detect and connect feature automatically recognizes and establishes a connection with your TORBAL scale or balance that is connected via USB or Ethernet. This feature eliminates the need for manual configuration, making the process faster and more efficient


The data feed function automatically sends data from the scale to your PC in real time. It eliminates the need for manual entry and allows for real-time monitoring and analysis. Data can be automatically sent at a set speed and desired format which includes the unit of measure, as well as the date and time. Additionally, the data can be easily exported to a .txt or .csv file and opened in third-party software.


Allows you to monitor the scale display in real-time on your PC. It enhances the visual representation of the data and assists in identifying patterns or trends. Easier control of incoming data with panel shortcuts to send data, tare, zero, etc.


The Terminal feature is ideal for debugging and troubleshooting serial communication between the scale and the PC. Incoming and outgoing data can be easily monitored for errors while sending communication commands to the scale. Received data can be formatted according to your standards based on interface, time & date, etc. Firmware updates can also be performed here if necessary.


Data transfer bridges communication from the scale with 3rd party software. Automatically transfer data to any text input field for an advanced data analysis. Personalize the speed and formatting of your data during transfer to specific text input fields. Set keyboard shortcuts or “hotkeys” for better control of your data collection.

Analytical PRO