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Orbital Temp Shakers

Starting at $2,727

The most versatile orbital shaker incubator

Models ranging from 100RPM to 300 RPM with precise temperature control up to 75° Celsius. The Genie Temp Shakers allows for quick access through our unique 3-way chamber design.


Starting at $4,320.09

Complete control and fully customizable

The Incubator-Genie allows to heat, rotate, rock, and shake all in one compact unit. The Enviro-Genie is Scientific Industries’ refrigerated incubator. Both units are ideal for applications such as Gel & Blot staining, Cell or Bacterial Culture, as well as any application that requires mixing, washing, rocking, and temperature control of a sample.

Rotators and Rockers

Starting at $923.71

Extreme performance with high strength magnetic platform and clip plate system

The robust patented Roto-Shake Genie combines rocking and rotating in one product, and the Rotator Genie, which is sized to fit into most incubators, is designed to rotate a variety of tubes, flasks, and irregularly shaped vessels at any angle.

Rotators and Incubators