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Heavy Duty Industrial Scales

Starting at $708.68

Specially reinforced frame for the most demanding applications

Resolution 0.002lbs to 0.2lbs, Capacity 6lbs to 600lbs.

Platform Weighing Scales

Starting at $505.84

Our most affordable industrial, floor, and platform balances

Resolution 0.02lbs to 0.1lbs, Capacity 60lbs to 300lbs.

Washdown Scales

Starting at $1,391.90

Rust, corrosion, and water resistant

Resolution 0.01lbs to 0.2lbs, Capacity 30lbs to 600lbs.

Remote Mount Scales

Starting at $632.30

Stainless steel platform with a compact design

Resolution 0.01lbs to 0.1lbs, Capacity 30lbs to 300lbs.

Platform Scales