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ATS Precision Plus Moisture Analyzer

Brings Precision and Heat



20 Memory Locations for Custom Parameters

Equipped with a memory bank that can store up to 20 individual sets of parameters for different samples. Each parameter can be quickly recalled from the memory by selecting a specified location from the main memory. Saving parameter sets eliminates the need to reconfigure the drying parameters when switching between samples.

4 Drying Profiles and Analysis Modes

The analyzer offers four different drying profiles, Standard, Slow, Step, and Fast. Selecting an appropriate profile increases the efficiency and accuracy of the moisture analysis.

Small Footprint and a Compact Design

The ATS requires only 82 squared inches of the tabletop area. With dimensions of 7.2in x 11.4in x 6in, the analyzer has one of the smallest footprints available on the market, which allows to save precious space in your lab or work area.

USB and RS232 Interface Ports

Equipped with a USB and RS232 communication ports which allows the analyzer to connect to a PC, printer, or a peripheral device. TORBAL’s free software packages such as STAT or Pro Mass can be used to collect, plot, and analyze data sent from the analyzer.

PS2 External Keyboard Port

Every analyzer is equipped with a PS2 keyboard port which allows the users to connect and external alphanumeric keyboard. The keyboard can be used to insert notes for printed reports.

Drying Report Printing

Produces a printer record of each performed analysis. The printout includes essential information regarding the analysis, such as the samples initial mass, drying time, drying temperature, final result, as well as notes entered by the user.

Graphical LCD with Backlight

The analyzer's graphical LCD makes the unit user friendly and easy to use. The LCD can be configured to display data and text in a negative (White on Black) or positive (Black on White).

Onscreen Graph Plotting

A graph plotting feature which creates a graph of samples taken during the analysis. The feature is very useful when performing an analysis for the first time and determining the optimum drying parameters for a specific sample.

Sealed Front Panel

The analyzer’s front panel has seven intuitively organized keys which are soft and easy to press. The keypad is sealed, therefore providing additional protection from dust or accidental spills.

Automatic Self-Test at Power up

When turned on the analyzer performs a self-test that verifies proper functionality of main components. Initial heating is also performed to dry excess moisture particles that maybe present in the chamber while the analyzer is not used.

Included with Each Unit

Disposable Pans

Each moisture balance in furnished with disposable pans. The use of inexpensive disposable pans eliminates the considerable work that would often be required to remove dry residues from a standard pan. These pans are light weight oil free aluminum pans designed to hold the sample materials and help to provide a uniform temperature across the sample.

Sodium Tartrate Dihydrate

This chemical has some unique properties that make it a valuable tool for testing the Moisture Analyzer to be sure it is operating properly. The chemical starts as Sodium Tartrate to which two molecules of water are bonded making it a Dihydrate. The chemical is stable at temperatures up to 150 degrees C, and when heated at higher temperatures the water molecules are driven off. The chemical can be used as a primary standard for testing moisture analyzers or in titration. The theoretical moisture content of this chemical is 15.66% by weight.


A tweezer is furnished with each Moisture balance to facilitate the handling of small parts or items which are part of the test sample, both before and after heating. The use of the tweezers avoids adding oils or other contaminants that might occur if the samples were handled directly.


A forceps is furnished with each Moisture Analyzer to allow the user to handle those parts of the analyzer that become heated as part of the analysis process, such as the sample pan and/or its contents. They can also be useful in handling some parts that are difficult with the tweezers.


A special spoon is supplied with each moisture analyzer to facilitate loading a sample pan with a precise amount of a powder or granular substance.

Precision Plus