Free Shipping on all Laboratory Scales and Balances

For Scales

High Precision Weights, Density Kit, Dust Cover, Power Supplies, and more

Calibration weights from 50g to 2kg and weight sets. Density Kit to allow
TORBAL analytical balances to determine density of solids and fluids.

For Moisture Analyzers

Disposable Pans, Bulbs, and Power Supplies.

Disposable pans and Halogen Bulbs available for all AGS, ATS, and BTS models.

For Force Gauges

Streamline force testing with a variety of attachments and grips

Create an ultimate testing system by adding the right clamps and attachments to FB and FC force gauges up to 100lbF.


Optimize your weighing and testing applications/h3>

Enhance usability of TORBAL Scales, Moisture Analyzers, and force gauges through our Windows PC software.