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 Digital scales and balances for sale - Torbal Scales

Digital scales and balances for sale

  • Precision and Laboratory

    Precision and Laboratory

    High precision laboratory scales built with electromagnetic load cells ranging in accuracy from 0.001g to 0.01g.... Up to 1 x 500,000d,

    starting at: $575.00

  • Analytical


    Professional analytical balances designed for laboratory and scientific applications that require precision of 0.0001g (0.1mg)... 1 x 2,000,000d,

    starting at: $995.00

  • Moisture Analyzers

    Moisture Analyzers

    Precision moisture analyzers. Powerful, accurate, and affordable, available in 0.01% [0.001g] and 0.1% [0.01g] accuracy,

    starting at: $1,099.00

  • General Purpose

    General Purpose

    General purpose scales built with computer enhanced strain-gauge technology designed for everyday weighing... Up to 1 x 20,000d,

    starting at: $394.00

  • Industrial


    Rugged and durable high capacity platform, and crane scales, designed for variety of industrial and general purpose weighing applications... Up to 1 x 3,000d,

    starting at: $424.00

  • Washdown & stainless

    Washdown & stainless

    Professionals Washdown scales with IP65 Rated Indicator and IP68 Load-cell, Resistant to dust, water, and detergents, a complete stainless steel construction design,

    starting at: $1,154.00

  • Force Gauges

    Force Gauges

    Force Gauges with ergonomic, rugged, and durable design, featuring a high precision load cells ranging from 50N x 0.01N to 500N x 0.1N, and 1kN with a x 0.2N to 50kN x 10N,

    starting at: $0.00

  • Prescription & pill counting

    Prescription & pill counting

    Torbal’s famous DRX pharmacy scales designed specifically for pill counting, compounding, and prescription weighing. NTEP certified, and legal-for-trade.

    starting at: $1,575.00

Special Offers

  • FB50k

    Take $100 OFF Online Only! - Expires 10/31

    FB50k 10,000lbf x 2lbf (50kN x 10N) Force Gauge
    special price $1,199.00
  • AG200

    Save $100 before time runs out! - Expires 10/31

    AG200 200g x 0.001g Precision Scale w/ Auto Calibration & USB
    special price $1,329.00

Popular Products

  • AG3000


    3000g x 0.01g Precision Scale w/ Auto Calibration & USB

  • AGS120 250C PRO

    AGS120 250C PRO

    0.01% [120g x 0.001g] Moisture Analyzer - 250C Drying

  • FB500


    100lbf x 0.02 lbf (500N x 0.1N) Force Gauge


Solutions and Services

  • Torbal Custom

    Torbal Custom

    Torbal now offers the option of customizing scale software for unique applications. Torbal Custom is ideal for companies of all sizes, no matter how big or small. Learn how we can sync your scales and other laboratory equipment to optimize your work environment. This service provides an outstanding return on investment and best of all.. Its FREE! Call us Today to Get Started 1-866-473-6900.

  • Software Applications

    Software Applications

    We offer a comprehensive selection of software applications, designed to enhance PC connectivity of any TORBAL scale or balance. See weighing results on your PC screen in real time, transfer and export data quickly through “Torbal Communication”, or link to third party software applications with Torbal ProCell.

  • Accessories


    Optimize your scale or balance with TORBAL accessories. Perform Density measurements, print results; connect USB adapters and barcode readers. Protect your scales from dust and dirt with dust covers and draft-shields. All accessories have been tested with our scales for seamless compatibility.

  • Go Wireless

    Go Wireless

    Go wireless! Connect any Torbal scale or balance to your PC or laptop via Bluetooth Wireless module. Send weighing data to any application from up to 300 ft. Setup is easy, but if you need help, our staff will assist you with configuration at any-time!

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Torbal Custom

Torbal Custom is a unique service that we now offer to help fill the very specific needs of our customers. This video shows the many applications that we can configure our scales to work around. Whether your looking to have all of your current scales communicate with each other or need to customize a new product, Torbal Custom is the right fit for you.

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Functionality vs Novelty: Why you Shouldn't use your iPhone as a Scale.

  • Category: Blogs
  • Posted: 2015-11-20 18:45:48

The idea that an iPhone could be used as an accurate scale followed quickly on the heels of the release of the new iPhone 6s, due to the new pressure-sensitive hardware included with the phone.