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Precision THOR & Precision PRO ZEUS

Starting at $499

High precision and professional force gauges designed for tension and compression applications

Resolution 0.0002lbF to 2lbF, Capacity 1lbF to 10,000lbF.

Cap, Wrench, & Chuck Clamp
Torque Gauges

Starting at $999

Designed specifically for testing, QC, and torque verification applications

Clockwise and Counter-clockwise torque measurements.
Resolution to, Capacity to

Motorized and Fully Automatic ODYSSEY Test Stands

Starting at $2,676.97

Automated and designed to provide all the essentials and flexibility for your force testing requirements.

Fully-featured all-in-one design, loaded with five application modes and more than fifteen programable parameters.

Attachments and Force Sensors

Starting at $73.12

Accessorize and optimize your force measurement applications.

Enhance usability of the FB THOR and FC ZEUS force gauges through a verity of attachments, grips, and Load-cell sensors.

Force and Torque