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Small Footprint Stainless Steel Platform
Remote Mount Indicator
Large LED Data Display
Meets OIML Specifications
RS232 Bidirectional Port
Accurate and Easy to Use Leveling System
Sealed Front Panel
Data Transfer and Printing
HR - High Resolution Key
B/G - Gross / Net Toggling




The scale's basic weighing function is fast, accurate and easy to use. Basic weighing operates with seven weighing units, and the function is equipped with all essential features such as the Initial Zero as well as the Automatic Zero Setting Mechanisms. The NET indicator lets the user identify that a Tare has been taken while the capacity indicator assists the user in performing weighing operations.

Parts Counting

The BA Series Parts Counting Mode provides the user with an easy to use, yet comprehensive, capability for counting parts based upon weight. The counting feature is designed in the form of a short wizard which leads the user step by step through the procedure. Repetitive counting using the same average piece weight is especially simple and fast. The user is offered a choice of sample sizes ranging from 1 to 100 when establishing a new average piece weight. The feature is very user-friendly with the counting process usually taking only a few seconds to complete.

Percent Weighing

Percent Weighing Application provides the user an easy to use, flexible, and fast way to establish the relative weight of an unknown compared to that of a stored sample and expressed as a percentage. Theuser may opt for a stored sample weight or, with on screen guidance, establish a new sample weight. Repetitive Percent Weighing using the same Sample Weight requires no further intervention, simply place the unknown weight on the pan and its weight expressed as a percent of the Sample weight appears on the display.

Recipe Making

Used for weighing and summing individual ingredients such as powders or liquids during recipe making or mixing compounds.


A simply to use, fast and easy way to perform functions which require the summation of sequential weights, like compounding. The user may view a running sub-total at any point in the process, as well as the grand total at the end of the weighing sequence. The weighing sequence is very rapid in the Automatic Mode as weighing results are automatically added to the grand total.

Animal / Dynamic Weighing

Fast, flexible, and easy to use for weighing live animals or other dynamic loads. A choice of 3 different operating modes and 4 different weight integration periods ensures the user the best results in the least amount of time per measurement. Repetitive weighing is simple and fast, especially in the Automatic Mode where animal weighing is initialized automatically, and the scale performs an auto-tare as well as clears the result automatically between each weighing.

Check Weighing

Provides an easily programmed, fast, and flexible way to check-weigh items. The user has the option of using previously stored Upper and Lower limits or setting a new limit range. Repetitive Check Weighing using the same Limits requires no intervention, simply place the unknown on the pan and read the displayed result, which is expressed ad UNDER, OVER and ACCEPT.

Tare storing

Used to store the values of various containers used for weighing.


The filtering function allows the user to perform weighing in an environment where the scale may be exposed to drafts, frequent air movements, or vibrations. Lower Modes compensate for small disturbance and high modes compensate large disturbances.

Min / Max indication

This function allows you to find the maximum (highest) or minimum (lowest) weight in a series of weights.

Units of Measurement

Units of Measurement

Grams (g)
Kilogram (kg)
Pound (lb)
Ounce (oz)
Ounce Troy (ozt)
Grain (gr)
Carat (ct)
Penny Weight (pwt)
Newton (N)

Remote Mount