Why you shouldn't use your iphone as a Scale

In modern society, convenience is often the deciding factor when we look at ways to improve our business ventures, our communications, and our lives. Every day, there are offerings from countless sources promising reduced wait times, on-the-go convenience, and accurate results. Many of these come in the form of apps for smart phones and, while there are some which make good on their promises, there are others that don't quite deliver, at least not in their current form. A case in point is the Gravity app, which turns an iPhone 6 into a working scale, according to the developer.

The idea that an iPhone could be used as an accurate scale followed quickly on the heels of the release of the new iPhone 6s, due to the new pressure-sensitive hardware included with the phone. In less than a month after the announcement of the new iPhone, the app was submitted to Apple but was rejected for having a "misleading description." While the idea is interesting, there are a couple of reasons why you shouldn't use your iPhone as a scale:

Functionality- The pressure-sensitive hardware included on the iPhone 6s does not register beyond a maximum weight of approximately 385 grams, or 0.85 lbs. In addition, the use of a spoon as a weight basket is necessary when using the app. Therefore, there are limits to weight capabilities and you run the risk of damaging your screen, either by scratching it or cracking it from too much weight. Either way, screen replacement is expensive.

Novelty- While the concept of using your iPhone as a scale sounds great, even Apple is not ready to go there. For unspecified reasons, other than those supposed by the developer, Apple rejected the app application for inclusion in the App Store. Perhaps the developer's use of Apple's 3D Touch technology simply comes too early in the process.  Either way, it is probably safer to wait until Apple endorses the app.

Every day new and exciting breakthroughs in technology occur and many people feel a sense of urgency to try out new gadgets and apps. Sometimes, it is wise to stick with proven methods, especially when an application or gadget has not been thoroughly tested and peer-reviewed.

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