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11” Travel

Test Stand Max Capacity: 112lbF | 500N

Orientation: Horizontal

Wireless PC Connectivity

Ports: USB | RS232

Dimensions: 28.27 x 9.84 x 6.50 in

Travel Resolution: 0.001 in | 0.01 mm

Speed Resolution: 0.1 in/min | 1 mm/min

What’s in the Box

Test Stand

Vertical 11” Travel with 112lbF Max Load Capacity


Five chrome-plated precision attachments: Hook, Chisel Point, Flat Head, V grove, Cone Point

Shaft Extension

Chrome plated, heavy duty 3.5” shaft extension. Compatible with included tips and attachments


High performance wireless antenna for cable free connection force gauge or PC

Mounting Plate

Force gauge mounting plate

Mounting Grip Knobs

Utility grip knob with galvanized threads for quick force gauge mounting

Connection Cable

RJ11 to DB9 flex cable for connection between force gauge and the test stand.

Power Adapter

24V, 100 – 240 VAC Switching power adaptor

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