Laboratories and businesses looking to make precision and minute measurements of mass need to have analytical balances. These balances are designed specifically for measuring minute masses less than a milligram precisely. Using these devices can take some time to learn the basics, but once understood, they become very easy to understand.

When to use an Analytical Balance

An analytical balance is to be used in conditions where knowing a precise mass is necessary. Knowing these precise measurements could be to ensure a safe product, reducing byproducts, or making a controlled budget of resources. An analytical balance will be able to measure the correct amounts of reagents and how much product was produced. Typically these balances can measure every 0.1 mg up to 200 g. Using these scales is similar but somewhat different than others.

Using an Analytical Balance

Because these balances measure at such a small interval, there are certain steps needed to take before making any measurements. These balances differ from others in that the weighing area is enclosed from the outside. This is designed to reduce pressure and temperatures while measuring that would result in inaccurate measurements. It is important to close the door before taking a final measurement. Even with this enclosure, placing the balance away from any vents, burners, or other ventilation helps to prevent from inaccurate measurements as well. Severe cold and hot temperatures differences can result in the electronics working differently and producing erroneous results.

These balances also should be placed on a stable, immobile surface. Appliances like centrifuges can cause moderate vibrations on a table that can make inaccurate measurements. These vibrations are caused by other things as well like computer hard drives, even walking by the balances as they are measuring can affect the final outcome.

Analytical balances are designed to provide the greatest accuracy of measurements. Accuracy is necessary for pharmacies, research, and managing resources. These balances help to provide safe products without unnecessary byproducts that waste resources. They need to be used in an environment free from dramatic temperature and pressure changes and away from any vibrations.

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