When precision is important, analytical balances can help you get the precise measurement you need.
An analytical balance is a specialized device that can measure masses to within 0.0001 g. These balances are based on electro-magnetic force restoration load cells, which produce a counterbalancing force that essentially picks up the unknown weight and keeps the weigh pan from moving down under the gravitational effect.

In these balances, what is actually being measured is the current that is required to produce the necessary magnetic field to balance the unknown weight, and the current is then “scaled” to equal weight. Keep in mind that the parameter we call “weight” is a direct result of the gravitational pull upon the mass of the unknown weight. Because the gravitational field varies in different locations, your analytical  balances must be calibrated at the site where they will be used.

The analytical balance is a specialized device with a resolution of 0.1 milligrams and a linearity of +/- 0.2 or 0.3 milligrams. These fine weighing devices are often used for research work. Be sure to treat your analytical balances with care, and you’ll want to use a wind screen to keep air turbulence from causing unstable readings.

Depending on the capacity and resolution you need, we offer three different series of Torbal analytical balances: Advanced, Advanced Plus, and Pro. They all include an easy access weighing chamber, rugged die-cast metal housing, and a spill proof sealed front panel.

The Advanced Series is suggested for basic analytical applications that require precision performance and durability.

The Advanced Plus Series includes an automatic internal calibration mechanism that keeps the balance calibrated at all times, so it is recommended for use in weighing lab applications where frequent calibration is required.

The Pro Series, as you might expect, is the top of the line. Along with automatic internal calibration, these analytical balances also feature a large graphical display, a 20 key sealed keypad, a standard PS2 keyboard port, and 12 advanced weighing functions. With a resolution of 0.1 milligram (0.0001g), the balances in this series can be used in any sophisticated laboratory weighing application.

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