The best weighing scales depends on the application for which they will be used. Industries, commercial businesses, and laboratories need scales designed differently for the respective tasks that each requires. Which scales can weigh the best relies upon knowing how each scale operates differently and why their measurements are better suited for the specific application.


Application of Scales


Scales are used to accurately measure the weight of certain objects. These objects can be raw materials for manufacture, reagents for chemical reactions, or products to determine final shipping weights.


Most industrial applications would benefit most from scales that can measure large quantities of materials. Using a scale that can measure up to thousands of kilograms or up to whole tons can provide a quicker process to manufacture. 


Commercial applications are different than industrial. Jewelry shops would benefit more from having scales that have a more precise resolution than those with higher capacities. Retail stores that let customers weigh their goods, like grocery stores, would benefit from having a scale that can provide a large enough capacity without the expense of greater resolutions.


Laboratories, pharmacies, and apothecaries would need a scale that can measure at or less than milligrams. This is necessary so that the right reactions occur or that the correct dose is known.


Types of Scales


As mentioned, for each different application there is a scale weighs best compared to the others. This is because it allows for precision while maintaining efficiency and cost. To find the best weight scales for these applications, it should be known for what general purpose they will be used. 


Torbal manufactures scales for industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. There are many different bench and platform scales that can measure up to 30 lbs and platform balances that can measure up to 600 lbs. Scales for analytical use and quantitative chemistry can measure up to 200 g at 0.1 mg. A general purpose scale is offered that can measure up to 50 g at 1 mg.


Other Considerations for the Best Weighing Scales


To help make the process more efficient, each of these scales provides a serial port for computer connectivity. This helps to allow computers and other instruments to take data and perform calculations or to store it for later use. Each of these scales are also automatically calibrated. Each time the scale is turned on, a calibration check is performed to ensure that accurate measurements are collected.


Finding the best weighing scales depends on the intended application of them. For industrial, commercial, and laboratory use, a scale needs to either be capable of larger capacities or for more precise measurements. It is also important to consider additional features that can help make the process move quicker. Computer connectivity and automatic calibration helps to make taking measurements and using these data in an easier manner.


Torbal manufactures scales, balances, and other devices used in laboratories and businesses to develop and test products. If you would like someone to suggest for your exact application, please contact us today so we can find the best weighing scales for your needs.