A crane scale is a useful type of industrial scale with a very specific purpose. Crane scales weigh objects that are suspended above the ground. The scale is attached between a hook and the object being lifted.

Crane scales create a practical way to weigh large or awkward objects that you couldn't easily place on a top-loading platform scale. Built for rigorous, commercial use, these scales often use a hand held remote control for the read out.

If you’re going to be dangling large objects up high over everybody’s heads, it makes sense to select a quality piece of equipment, and then make sure you follow all the necessary precautions. The correct location and proper environment contribute not only to the accuracy of your results, but also to your personal safety. Improperly mounting a crane scale can result in serious injury or death.

Every single time you secure a weighing load onto the hook, take extreme care to make sure it absolutely will not fall off. Be sure that your mounting method is adequate to support the scale along with the item being weighed. The overhead structure should be able to support a load which is equal to twice the weight of the scale’s maximum weighing capacity. However, you should never overload the scale in excess of 20 percent of the scale’s rated maximum capacity.

To protect your crane scale and ensure weighing accuracy, be sure to install it in a place that is free from extreme temperature variations and high humidity, and away from direct drafts. Always protect the scale from dirt, dust, and corrosive liquids.

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