If you’re looking for digital platform scales to use in manufacturing and processing environments, keep in mind that they will likely be exposed to a lot of tough conditions, including dust and moisture. Always consider the environment, expected use, and your specific needs when selecting and using your platform scales.

To function well in a factory environment, platform scales need to be well protected, resistant to moisture and dirt, and easy to clean. However, even when you select a rugged, dust-resistant scale, it’s still critical to properly care for it. Digital platform scales are precision instruments, so it’s important to put them in an appropriate location with the right conditions. You should place your scale on a solid, stable surface, and avoid putting them in any location with extreme or highly varying temperatures, direct sunlight, drafts, or excessive moisture. 

If your scale seems to be giving incorrect readings, or if you have recently moved it from one location to another, you might need to recalibrate the scale. Use a high accuracy external calibration weight equal to your scale’s maximum capacity. This should be done periodically to ensure the accuracy of your scale.

Finally, don’t neglect maintenance on your digital platform scale. To clean your scale, always unplug it first. Use a soft, slightly damp--not too wet--cloth to gently wipe down the exterior housing, making sure that no liquid gets inside the scale. Don’t use any chemicals on the surface, although alcohol may be used just for the stainless steel pan or draft ring.

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