One area in industry that should never be overlooked relates to the long term benefits of quality equipment. For example, many manufacturers require scales to account for the proper weight of items.  It is much more practical to go with a stainless steel floor scales that can provide ruggedness rather than a flimsy, cheap scale. Of course, depending on the industrial or commercial application, stainless steel floor scales can actually pay for themselves over time.  Here are five items to consider when weighing the investment versus payoff.


Whether the need for a scale is in a liquid heavy environment, a dry material location, or a forklift traffic area nothing answers the bell more than a piece of equipment designed to handle whatever operators throw its way.  Stainless steel offers a heavy duty alternative to traditional and less expensive metals and can easily handle whatever task is demanded.


Few things can draw a lot of attention at any facility like a shiny metal scale in the center of the process area.  Therefore, if a business relies on customer traffic or tours through a certain area, having a serious piece of equipment to demonstrate how serious the company is about the commitment to quality and cleanliness of the workplace is a major asset.


Not everything can be placed perfectly on a weighing device the first time around, which means that a reliable piece of equipment needs to perform regardless of how much it gets abused.  Stainless steel floor scales offer the same performance day after day and year after year with little regard for what is being asked of them thanks to the heavy duty construction in their design.

Easy to Maintain

Eventually the product that is supposed to be weighed ends up on the scale surface, which can put a damper on industrial hygiene.  Powders, solids, and even dried liquids can render a normal scale useless in a matter of weeks, but a stainless steel floor scale can simply be hosed off or wiped off and returned to a like-new state of being.

Replacement Costs

Purchasing one scale built from superior materials that lasts for a decade is generally more cost effective than purchasing a new piece of equipment every year.  In any business, the consideration to decrease upfront capital costs is important, but being able to accommodate a large expense initially can often set the stage to repay the future by not having to replace a less expensive unit several times.  In short, stainless steel floor scales are worth the investment.
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