Many people don't realize how important moisture content is to almost every product made, but people who work in quality control know they must have a reliable halogen moisture analyzer. These tools are used in controlling moisture content in everything from potato chips to pharmaceutical products.


Moisture is a major consideration in processing any product. Incorrect moisture levels severely affect shelf life (especially in foods), flow ability, chemical reactions, processing capabilities of products, and overall performance; therefore, determining moisture content is an important step in quality control just before packaging.


Halogen moisture analyzers are bench top analytical balances with heaters mounted on them to drive off moisture from the products being tested. They don't do high volume drying, they only do the sampling. Large oven dryers do bulk drying whereas moisture analyzers confirm that the ovens are doing their job properly. Periodically checking samples from the bulk batch will tell operators when drying is complete.


One very important consideration when dealing with products that are hygroscopic is that they absorb moisture right from the air, especially when there are high humidity conditions. Quality control personnel must make sure they have testing procedures in place to accommodate for this in order to keep consistently accurate readings.


Some moisture analyzers are designed to be programmable and can adjust for the way certain substances react with halogen heat, which is a priority consideration in quality control.


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