Washdown scales aren't exactly the most glamorous piece of equipment. In fact, they don't even have a very glamorous life. They get slopped on, wet, dirty, and trampled on a semi-regular basis. What most people don't consider though is that washdown scales are absolutely imperative to many industries, and the research world is just one of them. Think for a moment about medical research. What comes to mind is probably mice and rats, but those aren't the only animals that are used to find cures for modern diseases. Pigs, cows, sheep, and even llamas are used to various research ends for both human medicine as well as research into better farming techniques.In this sort of application, it's vital that one has the proper weighing instruments. Sure, knowing how much an animal weighs on the farm is important, but in a research lab, it's imperative. A minute difference between actual weight and measured weight can make or break research results, and for that reason it's important that your scales are accurate.

Of course, it's also important to make sure that whatever scale the researcher uses is up to heavy-duty cleaning. Not only does it need to be washed, it needs to be sanitized as well, and in order for that to happen, the washdown scale has to be able to put up with pressure washers and detergents as well. After all, stray germs are a researcher's enemy. Enter the BAH303, the most heavy-duty of Torbal's washdown scale line. This scale is made to handle it all. With rugged construction and a hermetically sealed interior, this scale can take being stepped on by a pig. It can also handle being rinsed, sanitized, power washed, and put back into commission. It also features sealed USB and RS232 ports to make the collection of data easy. Not only that, but it's accurate up to two tenths of a pound. This sort of accuracy is great for all sorts of livestock, and it can take loads up to 600 pounds: heavy enough to handle everything from pigs to sheep to even small cattle and llamas without a problem.

When it comes to research involving livestock, you don't get a better buy than the BAH303. Its accuracy is second to none, and it can handle even the toughest mess. With its sealed interior, carefully protected USB ports, and heavy load capacity, its ideal for almost any heavy-load job. After all, in an industry demanding precision, nothing beats a torbal.

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