Any sportsman with a passion for the outdoors knows that the hunt is only half the fun. The real treasure is an accomplished season, a freezer stocked full of wild game, and the anticipation of many home cooked meals to come. In order to enjoy this type of lifestyle one must have the proper wild game processing equipment. An extensive set of knives, slicers, blades, and packaging materials, as well as freezer space, are all essential components of a true cook’s trade, however, a washdown scale is invaluable to the serious meat processor.

Washdown scales are designed as a high quality durable solution for those needing more than the average scale. As the name suggests, washdown scales may be “washed down” as an easy clean up method. This trait is valuable to anyone using the scale for certain purposes, such as meat processing. Not only does having an easily cleaned scale make the job easier, it also creates a more sanitary work environment. By resisting dust, water, and other materials that a normal scale would accumulate, the washdown scale minimizes the risk of contaminated meat and adds an extra level of cleanliness that would be suitable for any food processing center. Furthermore, the washdown scale’s sleek and well-built design is ideal for wild game processing, because it sometimes involves working with a lot of cumbersome and unusually large sized animals. When doing all the work yourself it can be difficult to find an accommodating sized scale, but a washdown scale can be found in many sizes making it perfectly suitable to every environment. Ranging from smaller counter sized scales to larger industrial floor sized models, wild game processing and weighing is easily done and cleaned up in a timely manner.

Washdown scales are also created from high quality materials, such as stainless steel, for long lasting endurance and performance. Because meat processing is often done over a long period of time and the tools used may be exposed to different elements for a few hours or more, it is important to have a quality scale. Rust and dirt are unacceptable when working with food products, but one of the best features of a durable washdown scale is its ease of cleaning, and it can actually be cleaned with even a power washer! The abilities and uses of a high quality scale are invaluable to the wild game processor, and the washdown ability of washdown scales is perfect for those truly passionate meat lovers.

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