There are several types of scales available for weight measurement. Some of the most common types of scales are bench scales, pocket scales, industrial scales, jewelry scales, laboratory scales, bathroom scales, baby scales, and animal scales. Each type of scale is designed with a particular purpose in mind. For instance, jewelry scales are designed to weigh things in the carat unit, which you can't do with a laboratory scale.


Bench scales are the most common type of scale used in the home and work place. They are suitable for weighing mail, food portioning, and anything else you might need. Their range is generally between grams and 300kg. Postal scales generally have the ability to also use the ounces and pounds units.


Pocket scales are called such because they are small enough to fit into the pocket. These types of scales do not have a high capacity, so they are better suited to weighing lighter things, and are often found in use in the military, building construction, and hunting. They can be used anywhere you need to weight things that are less than 500g. 


Industrial scales cover a larger variety of types of scales. These can be found in use anywhere from food service to agriculture to trucking. The range on these depends on the model. For instance, the limit needed for retail and hospitality will be far less than those needed to weight a truck full of freight.


Laboratory scales are used most often in medicinal and scientific communities. They are capable of measuring the most minute items from dust all the way to a kilogram. Some labs may even go beyond this, but it depends on the needs of the lab. 


Everyone is familiar with the ubiquitous bathroom scale in our homes. These can be simple scales that you step on for an analogue reading, but more often a digital reading. Some, however, are capable of measuring body fat along with the mass of the body.


Along these lines, are baby scales. These scales are specifically made to track an infant's weight, but these scales can also calculate the amount of milk consumption.


Animal scales, or veterinary scales are very similar as well, but they are designed to weigh dogs, cats, horses, cows, and other animals. Each one in this area depends on the animal to be weighed. 


This just scratches the surface of the types of scales available on the market. If you need help finding the right one for you, drop us a line and we'll find the perfect scale for your needs.