Our company, Fulcrum Inc., was established in 2000 when it acquired Torbal™ and the Torsion Balance prescription line. But Torbal scales and balances have been around for over 100 years. The company dates back to the late 1800s when it became famous for its superior weighing mechanisms. The name Torbal is an acronym for Torsion Balance Company.

Torbal is a leading supplier of prescription scales for pharmacies, along with producing a wide variety of laboratory scales. The company makes analytical balances, industrial scales, and a vast selection of related products including moisture analyzers and force gauges.

Over the years, Torbal has had a number of products receive industry recognition. The most famous was the Model EA-1, which was the first analytical balance to use electronic force substitution. During the 20th Century, the EA-1 and the DRX Prescription models became the balances of choice for laboratories, schools, and pharmacies throughout the United States.

Today, Torbal continues to produce some of the most advanced precision, laboratory, and analytical scales available on the market. In particular, Torbal plays a major role in the prescription scale market. Its scales are used for pill counting as well as drug compounding. The company still produces one mechanical pharmacy balance, the DRX-3.

Torbal’s focus is solely on the weighing industry and therefore all of its resources are devoted to this market. When you purchase one of our Torbal scales you know you are getting outstanding quality and performance. Contact us to learn more about the complete Torbal product line.