There are certain scientific experiments where the levels of moisture have to be closely monitored.  In certain types of industries such as pharmaceuticals and food processing, moisture can cause the growth of unwanted bacteria.  Controlled environments such as in electronic and chemical manufacturing require tracking moisture levels to be effective.  During the creation of many products, degradation of materials during the manufacturing process can occur with too much moisture.


A moisture analyzer is a device designed to specifically measure moisture content.  When using one of these precision analyzers a small sample is carefully put into a chamber located in the device.  The weight of the sample will be recorded.  The moisture analyzer will then heat the sample to a specific temperature.

The heating chamber is typically located under the hood.  The hood will have a handle that enables it to easily be opened and closed.  There is also a ventilation dome that is designed to release excess heat and any buildup of moisture.  In addition, the analyzer dual functions as a precision balance.  It is designed to accurately record the weight of a sample during the entire drying process.  

During this heating procedure the sample is constantly weighed.  The individual operating the moisture analyzer will be alerted by the device when the evaporation is finished.  When this is done the device will then calculate the sample’s moisture content.

A moisture analyzer can also be connected to a computer to record the results.  There are software programs that can enable users to create graphs and charts with the sample results.  Tests are able to be stored in a computer’s memory for further use.

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