In places such as food processing plants, and many other factories, cleanliness and sanitation are of the up-most importance.  In this day and age, there are many codes and regulations that must be up to date and strictly followed to insure the quality and safety of a product. Therefore, Washdown Scales have become a necessity for many companies.

These durable, stainless steel pieces of equipment, need to be able to withstand high water temperatures and high amounts of pressure to be able to ensure proper cleaning.  The heat and pressure from the water removes bacteria and grime left from dusty environments or possibly from wet foods.  This helps prevent issues such as cross-contamination, which could get a company in serious trouble.

Washdown scales differ from an average scale by being more durable and waterproof.  They have sealed and protected ports and IP65 indicators.  These scales can withstand most extreme and hazardous conditions.  The stainless steel is non-porous, and therefore water and detergent resistant and less likely to retain moisture and bacteria. 

However, just like the rest of Torbal scales, our washdown scales are extremely accurate and easy to use.  With seven different units of measurement, including pounds, grams, and carats and ten different modes, including percent making, animal/dynamic weighing, and recipe making, our washdown scales are sure to meet the scale needs of nearly any company seeking to meet the strictest sanitation standards.  To view our many scales and learn more about Torbal, please contact us.  We'd be happy to help you.