At first glance the term waterproof scale brings to mind environments filled with liquids that can overflow onto the device.  While that scenario is often true regardless of the process area, dry environments can also necessitate waterproof scales. Many times, the material being weighed can spill onto the scale surface, and smaller granular material can render the air dusty and settle on the scale display.

Whether the scale in question is being used to package a final product or stage a raw material, the operator is not going to think twice before unleashing a water hose to clean the piece of equipment.  Proper industrial hygiene is essential to workplace safety, which means that the equipment present in the production area needs to withstand the rigorous demands of production and cleanup.

Luckily, the Torbal BAH Series of washdown scales is designed to exist in environments that would cripple traditional pieces of weight sensitive equipment.  Combining an easy to read LED display along with an IP68 rated load cell, these scales are made to allow the operator to work and to maintain an orderly environment.

Dried or crusted powder on scale displays or chalky substances on the scale surface can be washed away effortlessly thanks to the strong stainless steel construction.  One of the main benefits waterproof scales allows is for the area to be thoroughly cleaned without the threat of damage to the equipment.   Plus, the BAH Series is available in a variety of models to accommodate between 30 pounds (15g) and 600 pounds (300kg), which means they are durable and productive.

While liquid environments present the potential for overfilling or other forms of spillage, dry environments can still result in issues with dust and debris.  Choosing a waterproof scale for a production environment can be the difference between having a quality operation running at capacity and waiting for repairs to be completed on a less than ideal unit.  Getting the right tool for the job helps the facility be productive, stay clean, and keeps potential hazards away from employees.

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