In the beginning, sensitive electronic scales did not last long around water.   Due to water damage, or damage from other liquids, scales would become unreliable and, once discovered, have to replaced or repaired frequently.  This made their use in certain industries or settings a problem.   

Today though, there are a variety of different types of waterproof scales. Scales that not only provide the needed accuracy in measuring, but are also durable, lasting for years instead of being repaired or replaced several times a year.   Today waterproof scales are so well constructed that they are used as rain gauges as well as in waste and water treatment facilities.  They have also proven essential for other many other businesses as well.      

The food service industry is one such business.  Accurate weighing of ingredients is essential.  And whether it is a restaurant or a food manufacturing plant, a bakery or a deli, preparing and weighing foods and ingredients involves liquids.   Spills are common and thorough cleanups are a necessity to provide healthy products for people to eat and to pass government inspections. 

Outdoor businesses such as farms and dairies, are also a place where waterproof scales are important.  Exposure to the elements can cause inaccurate measurements when weighing grains, produce, or livestock if the scale is not waterproof.  

Also, many industrial businesses need to use harsh chemicals in order to clean their facilities.  A waterproof scale provides protection against these chemicals, ensuring their accuracy and increasing their durability; both qualities a necessity for most businesses. 

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