Widely used in laboratory, industrial and other settings, platform scales offer both durability and accuracy.

When choosing a platform balance, be sure to select the right size of weighing platform. You'll want to ensure that whatever you will be weighing will not hang over the edges when the object’s center of gravity is centered on the platform. You also need to consider your desired resolution of the LCD readout, the required accuracy, and the maximum weight that will be placed on the scale. Keep in mind that a platform scale that can measure very heavy weights will not have the precision of one used for smaller items.

Aside from these primary considerations, there are a wide variety of features to choose from. We offer three series of Torbal platform balances--Economy, Heavy Duty, and Remote-Mount. All of these meet OIML specifications, come with an adjustable RS-232 port, and feature rugged computer enhanced strain gauge technology.

All of our Torbal scales are sturdy, high quality, easy to use, and built to last. Our economy and heavy duty platform scales have a large display with a sealed front panel. Taking up less space, remote-mount scales are perfect when you need something with a smaller footprint.

There’s a lot to keep in mind when you are looking for just the right platform balance. If you are uncertain or have any questions before you place your order, please contact us. We can help you select the perfect platform scale to meet your specific needs.